The Future of Trampoline Parks is Now

Take your business to the next level with our venue management and gamifcation system.


Point of Sale

Our integrated POS system allows you to keep all of your customer info, gamification system, reports, and more integrated into one, easy to use system that's a breeze to pick up.

Digital Displays

Keep your customers engaged with a variety of digital displays and mobile technologies both on and off the trampolines.

Event Management

Our Event Management software allows you to build and run complex racing events with ranking and timing for every customer. The grid editor provides for flexibility and customization of each racing event. Mobile app statistics and electronic email/paper results ensures that your customers will remain engaged with your business even after the event has ended.

Online Features

Our online features like online booking, mobile apps, customer portal and web registration helps bring your brand to your customer, making their lives easier while lowering your overhead.

POS + Scheduling

Our enterprise-grade point of sale and scheduling system allows you to quickly and easily sell products and services, run reports, schedule all the activities you can dream up, and gives you complete control on what's happening at your facility.

Event Booking

The advanced booking wizard gives your event planners and sales people an amazing tool to create intricate event bookings that are all tied into your schedules and POS system, meaning everyone of your employees is on the same page.

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