Business Intelligence

Our software provides sophisticated reporting tools that allow you to have greater intelligence about your business.

Event Management

Our Event Management software allows you to build and run complex racing events with ranking and timing for every customer. The grid editor provides for flexibility and customization of each racing event. Mobile statistics electronic and email/paper results ensures that your customers will remain engaged with your business even after the event has ended.

Event Calendar

Through Club Speed's Event Calendar, your sales staff can easily schedule, book, charge, invoice, and manage all of your parties and events. Managing multiple activities at your facility? Not a problem, Club Speed can manage it!


In only 3 clicks, your sales team can email their point of contact with an Invoice, Event Confirmation, Online Pre-Registration and more! You create the templates of the software will automatically personalize each email based on the customer and their event.


Club Speed provides customizable reporting on the key aspects of your sales, marketing, business capacity, financial reporting, VAT and other tax structures, customized integration with Fiscal printers and software and much more.

Administrative Portal

From the Club Speed Administratove Portal, we give you the financial and analytical data you've been asking for all compiled into one location: Reports. As an owner, you need instant access to reports like Sales Summaries, Product Sales, Racing Summaries, Kart Operations, Tax Reports and even Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Yearly revenue graphs and comparisons.


As long as you have access to a web-enabled device, you have access to the Reports that will help you track and manage your business successfully. Enjoy the benefit of One-Button Financial Export, Labor Comparisons, Approval Logs and more all at your fingertips, all in real time.

Installation + Support

Club Speed provides flexible installation and support services to meet our diverse Global customer install base. We offer 24 hour support for our customers via our support phone line as well as email and online support. Our installation services include onsite installation and training as well as remote installation and training services to meet your business needs.

On-site Installation

We can fly a member of our team out to install the hardware and complete training sessions with your employees on-site. If you have your own team members who can handle the hardware end of it, feel free to schedule remote training sessions for you and your employees with our support team!

Easy System Updates are Included

Existing track in need of an updated system? No need to close your facility and lose out on sales, our installation team will get the job done without interrupting your daily business. We can transfer your customer database, membership status, product lists and more all on to the Club Speed software so nothing is lost.

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